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Let the Futuring Begin

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TechCrunch's Joe Mathewson writes that this year is a tipping point for edtech.  Here are the trends he sees:

  1. Parents Use Technology to Complement Passions
    • Curation Will Become Crucial
      • Teachers Will Embrace, Not Outlaw, Pupils’ Mobiles
        • Expectations Will Increase
          • Cloud Will Come Into Its Own
            • Technology Will Get Embedded
            I am not sure why those who seek to pander to the tech zeitgeist insist on believing that the future is evenly distributed. Or that there is tech equity in these schools.  If anything, the rich will get richer as will the children of the rich.  Those who seek to make a living will have to serve those pools of money if they want to tread water. What will students be like when they have to use their smartphones in school for work.  Will they have wifi access?  Laughable.  None but the newest schools have the wireless infrastructure necessary for full access.  There is so much in every one of these predictions that I see as...murky.